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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

We could not possibly be more pleased or impressed by our experience with Nick Wilson. He was always on time, he was friendly and courteous, he knew his stuff, and he was very good and clear at communicating to us what we would all need to do together. This is all what one would expect from someone who had come highly recommended, but what really amazed us were the results he was able to get with our dog.


Our dog is a large, Lab/St Bernard mix, and was having trouble being around other dogs without becoming aggressive and upset, with lots of barking and lunging against the leash, straining the limits of our ability to control if another dog was even across the street, let alone passing on the same sidewalk. After three weeks of board and train with Nick, she came back completely reformed. Now she walks right beside us at our heels, maintaining whatever pace we set, and when we pass another dog, even one that’s losing its mind barking at her, she looks and notices, but keeps on calmly walking past without a sound. She comes on command, and goes to her place in the house when instructed to do so. Her behavior on walks was so bad before Nick, that we were beginning to think that we might need to surrender her out of fear of losing control of her. Now, she’s one of the calmest dogs in our neighborhood. The transformation had to be seen to be believed, and we walked her in delighted shock for the first few days after she returned. Now that we’re accustomed to her exemplary behavior, we couldn’t be more sure that Nick was the right man for the job, and in the future should we get another dog, Nick will be the only person we will call for training.

5 Star Google Review

Tara Amsen

Nick is a great trainer. Takes the time to explain training methods and techniques! Great value!

5 Star Google Review

Oliver Fragapane

Golden Paws Pet Place

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

My Experience With Nick was Absolutely Stunning to me

I was literally being disabled from my walks with Ruby daily

What a difference ONE day with Nick Makes

I am beyond Excited as she was A frisky rescue

So thrilled to have a home with people to love her

But… so hard to control her enthusiasm

In one session I had the Best walk with her

Thank you Nick

You know what you’re doing !!

5 Star Google Review

Kim Logan

Excellent. I do mean excellent. I think that the hardest part of training a playful, unfocused puppy is training the owner!!! (that includes me). Nick should be called “The Dog Whisperer of the North” …. he just has “that connection” with the dogs and clearly, methodically shows you how to step by step, train your baby. Each step is a base to add on to the next step and puppies understand one-step-at-a-time. (so do I). I have gained confidence in reaching my goal to have a nice, polite companion as time goes on. Basic practice is my homework and my pup enjoys this. Nick teaches you how to truly connect with your dog and this produces trust – on both sides. I will recommend Nick at K9SIDEKIX to anyone and everyone because I am very grateful, and, IT WORKS. Thank you Nick, Brenda and Lilibet.

5 Star Google Review

Brenda Chabot

We have enlisted Nick as our dog trainer many times to work with our lovely, gentle but willful Great Pyrenees.  In fact, Nick was the first person to meet Skya as a pup and she was a handful!  Nick has confidence, patience and a great energy working with dogs and humans alike!  He was wonderful to work with one-on-one and he gave us the confidence and skills to train our pet.  In fact, we still use Nick’s teachings today and we now have a lovely, gentle, and well-mannered dog!  I would recommend Nick to any new dog owner who is looking for guidance and tips with training their dog!  Thank you “Uncle” Nick!!!!
J. Hamilton & D. Peterson

I’m writing this testimonial to praise Nick and his work. He is an attentive, very approachable and patient teacher that has really helped us enjoy training our puppy. He is very thorough and breaks down the steps involved in training to make it a successful outcome, all the while making it a fun and engaging experience for both myself and puppy. Our dog has been difficult to train and Nick has worked with us each step of the way. He makes himself available to answer questions and follows up to see how we are doing. I would highly recommend his services to everyone with a four legged friend. He’s fantastic!!! Thanks Nick for all your dedication and hardwork  🙂

Jenn Saggo

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